Use iPhone as a Microphone for Windows

You can use iVCam to send both your iPhone’s video and audio to Windows, for video, it acts as a webcam and can be used by other applications.

But how about audio? can it be used by other applications as well?
The answer is YES, you can do that with the help of Virtual Sound Card softwaree2eSoft VSC.

Here’s how to do that:

First, download and install e2eSoft VSC software.

Then enable audio in iVCam iOS app – in its settings view (or via client app),

and play audio to VSC (device name is “e2eSoft VAudio”) in iVCam client app:

Now the VSC microphone will have the voice from your iPhone microphone, and it can be used by all applications which use microphone!

Download Virtual Sound Card software and try now!