VCam SDK is a Virtual Camera SDK for Windows, which allows you to add “Virtual Camera” feature to your applications without installing e2eSoft VCam software.


  • Supports all major Windows OS and all applications, including Windows Store apps;
  • Highly customizable – set device name, change default image, default output video size and frame rate;
  • Easy to use – use its DirectShow Video Renderer filter to play anything to Virtual Camera easily;
  • Use its COM interface (IVCamRenderer) to send RGB24/RGB32/YUY2/NV12 format video data or capture region of screen to Virtual Camera;
  • High performance and low CPU usage;
  • Settings for fill mode, mirror and flip;
  • Use-monitoring – being notified when other applications open or close Virtual Camera;
  • Multiple instances supported;
  • A light-weight package which can be easily integrated with your applications;
  • Fully-featured demo applications with source code included (VC++ and C#):

How it works?

VCam SDK is based on DirectShow technology, and here’s how to play a video file to VCam.

Play a video file in graphedit using the default Video Renderer:

Play the video file using VCam Renderer filter – just like using the default one:

Now the video was sent to Virtual Camera:

We can see that it’s very easy to play a video file to VCam, and you can also play a video capture device, a video stream, an image file or any other video sources to VCam with DirectShow easily.

Besides using DirectShow, you can also use the IVCamRenderer COM interface to send video frames directly to VCam driver and do more. Please check the demo applications in SDK for more details.

Free trial now!

VCam SDK package has all files needed to add Virtual Camera function to your applications, with VC++ and C# demo projects inside to show how to use it.
Download v4.1 <- using a driver, recommended!

Alternative solution:
Download DS version <- No driver, lightweight but less compatible

Please read the document under [doc] folder to get started after download.


SDK License Agreement

You can try it freely without any limitations, except that there’s a “TRIAL” watermark in the output video, you may purchase to remove it.
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