VSC SDK is a SDK of e2eSoft VSC, which allows you to add “Virtual Sound Card” support to your applications without installing e2eSoft VSC software.


  • Use all features of e2eSoft VSC without installing it;
  • Customize the virtual sound card device name;
  • Provide a COM object (IVSCSDK) to let you configure the virtual sound card device;
  • A light-weight package which can be easily integrated with your application;
  • A C# demo with source code;
  • Supports both 32bits/64bits Windows OS;

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VSC SDK package has all the files needed to use virtual sound card function in your application, with a C# sample project included to show how to use it.
After download, please check “Readme.txt” to get started.


You can try VSC SDK freely without any limitations, except that there’s a noise in its output audio (just like VSC software), you may purchase to remove it.
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