VSC SDK is a SDK of e2eSoft VSC, which allows you to add “Virtual Sound Card” support to your applications without installing e2eSoft VSC software.


  • Use all features of e2eSoft VSC without installing it;
  • Customize the virtual sound card device name;
  • Provide a COM object (IVSCSDK) to let you configure the virtual sound card device;
  • A light-weight package which can be easily integrated with your application;
  • A C# demo with source code;
  • Supports both 32bits/64bits Windows OS;

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VSC SDK package has all the files needed to use virtual sound card function in your application, with a C# sample project included to show how to use it.
After download, please check “Readme.txt” to get started.


SDK License Agreement

You can try VSC SDK freely without any limitations, except that there’s a noise in its output audio (just like VSC software), you may purchase to remove it.
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