Camera Measure Usage

Reviewed by Softpedia

Find the distance or area in various circumstances by measuring on a local picture, clip, or live feedback from a connected camera

A computer doesn’t really sense things, but if you fit it with the right hardware and software components it can do a lot of things faster and better than you can. For instance, Camera Measure lets you find distances, angles, and more all just by analyzing webcam feedback, saved pictures, and video clips.

Accepts input from a connected webcam

As the name clearly points out, the application makes use of a connected camera. It’s automatically detected when plugged in, but it’s not the only method you can use to measure stuff. On the bright side, it’s possible to load content from your hard disk drive, such as pictures and videos to be processed so you can measure elements inside.

The interface is well-organized, with most of the space serving as the preview area. Most tools are accessed from the upper toolbar, while a side panel displays all elements to analyze measurements and quickly select them. As mentioned, you can start measuring content from a decent variety of file types, including live videos.

Define a ruler and start measuring

Measuring is quite flexible, and the application neatly allows you to configure the base ruler. You get to specify real length, unit type which is a completely custom name, as well as magnification factor. Note that the application itself is not going to accurately measure particular elements inside a picture or video unless you take the time to configure values accordingly.

Regardless of the source of your sheet, you benefit from a great deal of measuring tools. These include length, angle, distance between parallel lines, curve, circle, ellipse, rectangle, as well as polygon area. Text boxes can be inserted with ease in case the design requires additional info.

Camera settings make it possible to adjust color configuration and general functions. Rulers can be saved with custom configurations and values to be used later on with ease. Your work can be saved for later processing, but you can also export pictures of the canvas, as well as measurement details inside a TXT file.

A few last words

Taking everything into account, we can state that Camera Measure is a reliable application you can use to measure just about anything. It’s not the default accuracy which makes it so neat, but rather the variety of sources for the image and videos, as well as the variety of options to measure.