iVCam FAQs

  • For iOS, Allow iVCam app using Wi-Fi / WLAN in system Settings;
    For Android, Allow iVCam app using Wi-Fi if it's disabled;
  • Allow iVCam PC client software to use the network in Windows Firewall or turn it off;
  • Disable VPN or Proxy on Windows if needed;
  • Ensure that your phone is in the same LAN with your PC (such as using the same Wi-Fi);
  • Ensure that your phone is using Wi-Fi / WLAN, instead of using 2G/3G/4G network;
  • Ensure that your phone can be Ping connected by the PC via its IP address;
  • Ensure that the Bonjour service is not disabled (which is installed by iVCam and will run automatically, you can start it in windows “Services” app or task manager). No need to block it because it doesn't use CPU too much;
  • Enable UDP broadcasting in your router if Bonjour service is not installed or is disabled, iVCam app can detect your PC via UDP broadcasting as well;
  • Reboot your router, ^_^
You can also enter the PC's IP address directly in iVCam app to connect if it can't be detected automatically, or connect via USB.
  • First, please allow iVCam to pass through the Windows Firewall - you can add it to the firewall exception list, or turn off the firewall;
  • Allow iVCam to use network in 3rd security software, close them if you don't know how to do;
  • Disable VPN or Proxy on Windows if needed;
  • The PC can be detected means that they're in the same network, but maybe not in the same network segment. For example, the phone's IP address is 192.168.0.x, while the PC's 192.168.1.x, so they can't connect to each other. You can google "How to connect two different network segments" to find a solution and make them connectable;
  • Connect via USB.
On PC, allow iVCam application to use network in 3rd security software, close them if you don't know how to do that.
The connection is successful and the sound is also OK, but our software doesn't show the video?
You can check/uncheck hardware decoding in the PC client software's menu and try again.
It is also possible that the video is not displayed in our software, but our camera video can be displayed normally in other software.
  • You can set the video quality to high in iVCam Settings for the best quality, which requires higher network bandwidth;
  • Be closer to your router if you're using W-Fi for connection;
  • Connect via USB cable if the network is not good enough.
  • First of all, you should have a high-performance Wi-Fi router if you're using W-Fi for connection;
  • Use lower video quality, smaller video size or frame rate, and be closer to your Wi-Fi router;
  • iVCam is real-time video streaming and requires high-performance network, maybe the lagging was caused by your router (especially when video lags at regular intervals), and sometimes a reboot for the router will help;
  • Connecting via USB cable or enable hardware decoding in PC client software will also help (if the graphics card supports).
Enable hardware decoding in iVCam PC client software (if the graphics card supports), use a smaller video size or frame rate.
This is an iOS-only feature.
Some mobile phones have several microphones, and iVCam will use the default one (bottom) at first. When the camera button was tapped to change cameras, iVCam will change MIC accordingly – front MIC for front camera, and back MIC for back camera.
How can I temporarily disable the iVCam camera to use my hardware webcam in other applications?
Find iVCam in "Imaging devices" in the device manager of the system, right-click and select Disable Device to disable it. Right-click on it and select Enable Device to re-enable it if you want to use it again.
iVCam is a standard webcam and can be used with all software or websites.
If a software or website can't use iVCam but can use a hardware webcam, it is likely that it intentionally blocked iVCam camera. You can change the device name of iVCam and try again:

In PC client, Settings > Miscs > Device Name

Mainly because the iVCam driver was not successfully installed.
First, please choose the "Install" when installing iVCam and Windows Security ask you whether to trust us and install the iVCam driver.
If driver installation fails due to driver signing issues, you can disable driver signature enforcement and re-install, it should be OK then.
You need to purchase the full version to remove them.
You can purchase it by taping the “iVCam” watermark on the video, or the "Purchase" button in app Settings view.
We use exactly the data received from phone side to record video files. Sometimes the video will drop frames due to bad network, so the final recorded video file may not be in fixed frame rate, and in some video editing software, it will appear as video and audio are out of sync.
You can use the video format conversion software to convert the recorded MP4 file to fixed frame rate format, and then put it into the video editing software for editing.
You can also:
  • Use USB connection which is much stable;
  • Use other webcam recording software to record iVCam camera's video, and you can refer here for the sound recording.
You can change the media saving folder in the Settings dialog of PC client software.

Didn’t find an answer? You can check the instructions, send us the log file, or contact us.