Driver related issues

When using iVCam/WeCam, sometimes the device driver cannot be installed or does not work properly:

  • iVCam prompts “Please reinstall iVCam!“;
  • WeCam prompts “The virtual camera has been disabled!” in the camera panel, but still does not work after clicking the “Enable” button.

This is generally caused by the problem of driving signature or some security software.


First of all, please close or uninstall 360, Huorong and other system security software (especially disable the “Camera Protection” and “Driver Protection” functions), and install the latest system updates. Turn off “Windows Core Isolation” if needed.

When installing our program:

  • Please make sure to install the latest version with administrator privileges;
  • When the system asks whether to trust our program and install the camera/sound card driver, please be sure to select “Trust” and “Install“;
  • Make sure the computer is connected to the Internet.

Then check whether our device is successfully installed after installation:

  • For the camera, you can find it in the system’s Device Manager > Imaging Devices;
  • For the microphone, you can find it in the system’s Device Manager > Sound, Video, and Game Controllers.

If you can’t find our device:

  • Please uninstall the program and reinstall it with administrator privileges;
  • Please make sure again that no security software such as 360 is installed on the computer, and no software or system functions that may prevent driver installation are enabled.

If it can be found and the status is normal:

  • It may be caused by the privacy settings of Windows, you can open Windows Settings > Privacy > Camera and turn on the “Allow apps to access your camera” switch, and then rerun our program. The microphone also has the same setting.

If found but disabled:

  • Just right-click on the device and select “Enable Device“.

If it can be found but the status is abnormal:

  • If a yellow exclamation mark is displayed on the device, and “Windows cannot verify the digital signature of the driver required by this device. (Code 52)” is displayed in the property page. For Win7 64 bits, please install the security patch KB3033929, restart the computer and reinstall the program (if you are prompted “This update is not applicable to your computer” or other errors when installing the patch, please use the clean Win7 SP1 or Win 10/11), you can also disable driver signing and try again (not recommended).

    Sometimes the network firewall prevents the computer from using the Internet, which can also cause such problems, please temporarily close the firewall and try again;

  • If a yellow exclamation mark is displayed on the device, and “Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or corrupt. (Code 19 or 39)” is displayed in the property page. Please close or uninstall security software such as 360 and reinstall, sometimes you need to install system updates;
  • If the name is displayed as an unknown device, it may be that you chose “Do not install” when the system asked whether to trust and install our device driver when installing. This is a bit troublesome, you can check here or install system updates and try again; it may also be related to security software such as 360, please close or uninstall them and try again;
  • For more information about error codes in Device Manager, please check here.

Microsoft has stopped technical support for Win7, it is strongly recommended to install our program on Win10/11 to avoid driver-related problems.


Please do not contact us for driver related issues! We use Microsoft-certified device driver and our software works fine on clean Windows system.

The problems that users often encounter are basically covered above, please read carefully.

The easiest way is to reinstall the OS, then install our program with administrator privileges on the clean system.