MyCam FAQs

You need to purchase and activate the product to remove the watermark and use advanced features.
MyCam uses GPU heavily, maybe your graphics card doesn't support it. Using a better graphics card is a solution.
You can hold CTRL key when selecting a video effect item, then the selected effect will be added instead of replacing the existing ones.
Double click on the video will switch between window mode and full screen mode. In full screen mode, you can press "ESC" to return back to window mode, "CTRL+R" to record video, and "CTRL+S" to take pictures.
You can put anything with QR code or barcode near by the webcam, the content will be copied to clipboard once it's recognized. A URL will be opened and a number will be searched by Google.
Maybe you didn't have the right codecs installed for the video files, you can download LAVFilters here and install, then MyCam should be able to open the video files.
Please make sure that your phone is using WiFi and is in the same LAN with your PC.

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