Record skype conversation

It’s easy to record Skype conversation using e2eSoft VSC.


In Skype conversation window, select [Tools]\[Options]:


In option window, select e2eSoft VAudio Speaker as default Speaker device, then [save]:


In e2eSoft VSC, use following settings (two channels) and start audio transfer:

  • Channel 1: Your real MIC => VSC (we want to record it as well);
  • Channel 2: VSC’s MIC => You real sound card (so you can hear the conversation);


Use sound record software (such as Windows Sound Recorder) to record the e2eSoft VAudio Microphone’s sound to an audio file:

  • Set e2eSoft VAudio Microphone as system default Recording device;
  • Open its [Properties] and make sure its Level is high enough;
  • Open Windows Sound Recorder and start Recording.

Now your conversation is recorded, right?


If you just want to record your friend’s sound (not include yours), you may use one channel in VSC:

  • VSC’s MIC => You real sound card (so you can hear the conversation).

You can record other software’s sound using the same method, such as recording MSN conversation, web-chatting conversation, video conference, etc.