VCam SDK is a SDK of e2eSoft VCam software, which allows you to add “virtual camera” function to your applications without installing e2eSoft VCam software.


  • Use “virtual camera” feature without installing e2eSoft VCam;
  • Customize device name;
  • Use its directshow renderer filter to play anything to the virtual camera easily;
  • Use its COM object (IVCamSDK) to play video files, video devices and screen capture to virtual camera;
  • Use its COM interface (IVCamRenderConfig) to modify the driver settings;
  • A light-weight package which can be easily integrated with your applications;
  • Demo applications included (VC++ and C#);
  • Image/Text overlay supports;
  • Both 32bits and 64bits OS are supported.


How it works?

Play a video file in graphedit using VCam Renderer:

VCam Renderer will then redirect its input to virtual camera output:

We can see that it’s very easy to play a video file to virtual camera, and you can also play a video capture device, a video stream, a VCD/DVD and …. to virtual camera by using its directshow renderer filter.

You can also use IVCamRenderConfig interface to interact with virtual camera driver directly, such as sending an image to it.
For people who are not familiar with directshow, we also provide a COM object – IVCamSDK to make things easy.


Free trial now!

VCam SDK package has all files needed to enable virtual camera function in your applications, with two VC++ and one C# demo projects in it to show how to use it.
Download WDM version with a kernel driver – Recommended!

Download DS version no driver used, lightweight
After download, please run “install.bat” and read VCam SDK document under folder [Doc] to get started.



You can try it freely without any limitations, except that there’s a “e2eSoft VCam” watermark in its output video, you may purchase to remove it.

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