License Checking

Please input the license code to check related order information and registration records:


Registration Instructions


Registration FAQs
  • Uninstall the registered software to deregister so that the license code can be used again on another PC;
  • Internet connection is required when uninstalling and the software must be registered;
  • If the deregistration failed, please register it again on the same PC then uninstall to deregister;
  • You can check the results of the deregistration on this page.
  • The registration is bound to hardware, switching the network card or replacing the hard disk will cause the registration to fail, generally re-register will be fine;
  • if you are prompted that the registration code has been used when you re-register, please switch to the network card which you used to register before and re-register, then uninstall the registered software to deregister so that you can re-register it freely;
  • to avoid this trouble, it is recommended to uninstall the software before reinstalling the system or replacing the hardware to deregister.
The license code will be sent to the mailbox you left in the order, if you can't find it, please send us your transaction no, order no, name and other information you know, and it's better to send us a screenshot of your payment.
For WeCam, iVCam, and CamSplitter, you can use manual registration.
For VCam, please contact us.