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There are two ways to purchase iVCam:

  1. Purchase App:
    Purchase the iOS version from the Apple App Store or the Android version from the Google Store.
    Pros: The app is free to connect to any iVCam PC.
  2. Purchase PC client:
    Buy it here;
    Pros: The PC client can accept any connection from an iPhone or Android phone with the iVCam App installed for free.

You can choose which one to purchase according to your needs.

How to register?

Press Ctrl + B to show the registration window, and enter the license code to register.

You will see “(full version)” behind the version number in the About dialog after successful registration.

  • The license code can remove the “iVCam” and “TRIAL” watermarks in the output video, the ads in the app and use all features
  • One license code can register up to 2 different PCs, and they can use this software at the same time
  • The registration can be cancelled. Uninstall the software from the registered PC to deregister so it can be used again on another PC (Internet connection required)
  • The license code is valid for life. Re-registering after reinstalling the OS or upgrading the software does not increase the registration count (hardware for example MAC address changes will be treated as a new PC)
  • To prevent registration failure due to hardware changes when reinstalling the OS, it is recommended to uninstall the software to deregister it before reinstalling the OS
  • To prevent registration failure due to a typo, it is recommended to copy and paste the license code into the registration window
  • The PC needs to be connected to the Internet during the registration. Allow the program to use the network in firewall settings, and you can try to enable / disable the proxy if registration failed and you're using a network proxy
  • Please contact us if you need the enterprise license code which can register more PCs.

We support kinds of payment methods such as Paypal, Credit Card, Alipay and WeChat.

The license code will be sent to the email you left in the order immediately after payment, and will also be displayed in the order details, as shown below (please refresh the page if not displayed): Please contact us if you have any questions, and tell us your order no if you've placed an order.