iVCam Purchase Instructions

You are free to use all iVCam’s features except that there’s an “iVCam” watermark on the output video, and sometimes ads appear.
After a trial period you will only be able to use 640 x 480 low-quality video, and some features will be limited, please buy the full version to remove watermarks, ads and use all features.

Product Comparison BASIC ANNUAL
APP / PC Client
APP / PC Client
Camera feature
Advanced camera settings
Valid period 1 Year 1 Year Forever


There are 2 ways to purchase iVCam (Both of them can remove the ads, watermarks and use full features):
  1. Purchase the App (via the purchase page in the iVCam app)

    The app can freely connect to any iVCam PC client (no need to register the PC software with a license code).

  2. Purchase the PC client (on this website, the 1 Year subscription is PREMIUM ANNUAL subscription)

    The licensed PC client software (registered with a license code) can accept the connection of iVCam app from any iPhone or Android phone without any restrictions.

You can choose which one to buy according to your needs.

Usually, you only need to buy one side, there's no need to buy both the app and PC client.

Purchase the App (In-App Purchase)

iOS: You can use iVCam freely on other iOS devices if you’re using the same Apple ID and have purchased iVCam with it – just restore your purchase in the purchase page of iVCam app.
Android: You can use iVCam freely on other Android devices if you’re using the same Google Account and have purchased iVCam with it – just sign in the Google Play with this account on that device.

A known Google Play issue: Google Play cannot send the order status to iVCam if there are more Google Accounts on your device, please remove other accounts (in the device’s Options > Accounts) and restart the device, then iVCam will automatically obtain your purchase status.

Please note that the purchase cannot be shared between iOS and Android devices because the payment is handled by Apple and Google, not by us. Therefore, you cannot transfer your iOS license to an Android device or vice versa. For the same reason, you cannot change your app license to PC license as well.

There are 2 ways to purchase the iVCam app:

  1. Subscriptions (iOS supports Family Sharing)

    You can switch between Basic and Premium subscriptions:

    Basic → Premium (upgrade):
    iOS: Once you have paid for the Premium subscription, you will immediately upgrade and receive a refund of the prorated amount of the Basic subscription;
    Android: Once you have paid for the price difference for the remaining period, you will immediately upgrade and the billing cycle remains the same.
    Premium → Basic (downgrade):
    The Premium subscription will continue to the next renewal date, and then it will be renewed as the Basic subscription.

    Note: This is for reference only. Please refer to Apple and Google Store’s policies for the specific subscription upgrade/downgrade plan.

  2. PERMANENT (iOS supports Family Sharing)
    You can use it for ever with all features enabled after purchase.
    It cannot be cancelled after purchase, and there’s no need to change to Subscriptions as well.

If you want to change the purchase from Subscription to Permanent, you can buy it directly, but you will not receive any refund for the remaining subscription.