Detect and Play Web Media on TV

You can use our app to detect the images, videos and music in web pages and play them on TV.

We just detect the media URL and send it to your TV to play it. It’s your TV that plays the media, not us. Therefore, if the TV is unable to play the detected media or an error occurs, this is a problem with your TV, not our app’s bug or feature limitations. 


You can long press on an image and select the Copy item in the action menu, then the image will be detected and played by our app automatically:

Videos and Music

Our app automatically detects and plays the videos and music in webpages when they’re being played, sometimes you need to start playing manually by clicking the video play button in the webpage.

Detected Media

You can view all detected media by tapping the media list button in the toolbar, select an item and you will see the action menu which has the following menu items (may be different depending on the media format):

Media Action Menu
  • Play (available for image, video and music items)
    Play the detected media by its url directly, which is the best way to play if your TV can play it.
    TV will play the media by itself, which means that your phone or our app can be turned off in this case.
  • Download and Play (available for image, MP4 video and music items)
    App will download the media to cache and plays the cached file to TV, just like a proxy server.
    This can be helpful when your TV itself can’t download and play the web media, in which case you can’t close our app or turn off your phone.
  • Download and Play (as stream | as file) (only available for HLS videos)
    Most web video is HLS video in M3U8 format. Some TVs can’t play such videos.
    Our app can convert this video to a TV-supported format and let it play.
    We offer 2 ways to play: as stream, or as file. You can try each of them to see which one is suitable for your TV.
    >> as stream
    TV will play it as a video streaming without knowing the duration of the video, so the position seeking for TV may not be available nor accurate, but in some cases our app can provide an “inaccurate” seeking;
    >> as file
    We will try to get the size and duration of the video first, then the TV will play it as a single video file, so the position seeking will be accurate if TV supports it.
  • Save to “My Files” (Only available in the paid version of our app – iPlayTo)
    App will save the downloaded media file to “My Files \ Downloaded” folder and play.
    Tips: The HLS video will be saved in .ts format, and you can convert it to .mp4 format in My Files module.

Pull down the view to refresh the web browser and reset the media list.

Ad Blocker

We do have ad blocking feature, but for better performance we only have a small blacklist. If you think certain ads on some sites are too annoying and want to block them, please let us know the URL of the site.

Please contact us (in app) if our app can’t detect some media or has problems on some websites, thanks.