iPlayTo Settings

Press the button in main view and you will enter “Settings” view.

Photo Size

Change the default playing size for photos in Albums, as well as for online photos, to make them fit your TV screen.

Video Quality

Change the default playing size for videos in Albums, as well as for online videos, to get a better quality but use less network bandwidth.
Video recording feature will also use this setting to record video.

Send “stop” before playing

Some TVs need a STOP command before playing anything, otherwise they won’t work. It’s better to uncheck this if your TV works properly.

Stop playing on quit

Send a STOP command before quit, so you can stop the media playing on TV after app closed. This will also stop all services of our app.

Work as a media renderer

Other DLNA devices can send command and media files to our app, and our app will respond to the command and play the media files.
This can be used to let us receive media files from other devices such another phone or PC, playing media file from an iPhone to an iPad.

Work as a media server

Check this to let other devices such as your TV being able to browse and play the media files on your phone.


  • Free vesion app (TV Assist) only supports up to 20 items when working as a server, purchase to show all the media items.
  • All devices in the same LAN can browse and play all the media files on your phone, so be careful to use it in a public network.
Clear the cache

Delete all the temporary files in cache to free up disk space. Note that the files under “My Files” will not be deleted.

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