Play Web Media

You can use our app to detect and play the images, videos and music in web pages.

We just detect and pass the media URL to your TV to play. It’s your TV that plays the media, not us. So it’s your TV’s problem if it can’t be played or errors occured, not our app’s bug or feature limitation. 
Most web video formats are M3U8, and many TVs cannot play this format.


You can long press on an image to let app detect its URL and play on TV. It will show “Error” if failed to get the URL, and add the image to the detected media list to play if succeeded.

Videos and Music

iPlayTo will detect and play the videos and music automatically when they’re played, sometimes you need to start the playing manually.
For media duration longer than 150 seconds, it will be paused after detected by the app.

Media List

You can see all the detected media by pressing the media list button , which has following options:

  • Play
    Play the remote media url directly, it’s the best way if your TV can play it.
  • Local-Play
    Download the media to cache and play the downloaded file to TV. This will help when your TV doesn’t support playing web media.

  • Save to “My Files” (This feature has been removed because Apple is forbidden to do so)
    Same as “Local-Play”, but save the downloaded media file to “My Files\Downloaded” for later use.

Refreshing the browser will clear the media list.

Ad Blocker

We do have ad blocking feature, but for better performance we only have a small blacklist. If you want to block ads on certain websites, please let us know.

Please contact us (in app) if our app can’t detect some media or has problems on some websites, thanks.