Play Web Media

There’s a new wonderful feature in the latest iPlayTo – detect and play the media files in web pages!



You can long press on an image to let iPlayTo detect its URL and play on TV. It will show “Error” if failed to get the URL, and add the image to the detected media list to play if succeeded.


Videos and Music

iPlayTo will detect and play the videos and music automatically when they’re played, sometimes you need to start the playing manually.


Media List

You can see all the detected media by pressing the media list button , and there will be 3 options when selected:

  • Play
    Play the remote media url directly, it’s the best way if your TV can play it.
  • Download and Play
    Download the media to cache and play the downloaded file to TV. This will help when your TV doesn’t support internet media.
    NOTE: You have a chance here to give a “correct” filename for the downloaded file. For example, you know the media file is a .MP4 file but iPlayTo didn’t detect it and give a wrong file extension, it’s better to name it with the correct file extension, otherwise the player can’t play it sometimes.
  • Save to “My Files”
    Same as “Download and Play”, but save the downloaded media file to “My Files\Downloaded” for later use.