Use WeCam in Line / Telegram

You can use the WeCam camera in various software that uses the camera, such as the computer version of Line.

Note: Although this article is a WeCam tutorial, it is also applicable to VCam.
The settings of Telegram are the same as of Line, so we won’t explain it separately.

Use WeCam camera in Line

As shown in the figure below, after Line starts the video, click button next to to select WeCam camera:

After the selection is made, the other party can see the video of the WeCam camera.

Let the other party hear the sound of the video

Click the button next to the in the above picture to select the microphone:

Full screen display on mobile phone

By default, the camera video on the Line computer is in landscape mode. When the video is on the mobile phone, it will be displayed in the middle of the screen with black boxes on the top and bottom.

How to make the mobile phone display full screen video?

For horizontal video (16:9, 4:3 and other aspect ratios), the phone can be viewed horizontally.

For portrait video (9:16, 10:16, 3:4 and other aspect ratios), after testing, it is found that the following settings can achieve full screen:

The following is the effect seen on the mobile phone:

In addition, you can also use the emulator to achieve full-screen playback.