The video is not fully displayed, not clear or has black borders?

Special instructions: Regarding the problem of incomplete video display in the emulator, please see the instructions in the relevant part of the following tutorial:

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The default resolution of the WeCam/VCam virtual camera can be set, but in many cases, other programs will not display or process according to the set default resolution. They will choose different resolutions or The video is processed by cropping, zooming, etc., resulting in incomplete video display or not clear enough.

The video is not fully displayed (cropped, stretched, or has black borders)

A video is processed by WeCam and then used in other programs. There are two places in the middle that may be zoomed or cropped:

  1. The size of the video itself is different from the size of the video object displayed in the WeCam scene
    ♦ Click on the video object and select a different zoom method in the Right-click menu > Resize Method;
    ♦ Or directly adjust the size of the video object through the selection box:
    ♦ Another more convenient way is to Right-click menu > Transform > zoom in/out, you can zoom in and out directly without changing the size of the video object.
  2. The default resolution of the virtual camera is different from the resolution actually used in other programs
    For example, the default resolution of our program is 640 x 480, but other programs may use 320 x 240 or 540 x 720 .
    Processing method-modify the default resolution or virtual camera zoom method:
    ♦ Use Output > Camera > Default Size to change the default resolution, such as changing to a custom size 540 x 720 to fit some apps;
    ♦ Use Output > Camera > Resize Method Button to select the zoom method of virtual camera video output;
    ♦ Try to select Output> Camera> This size only, Portrait mode or a different output format to see if the effect is improved.

One of the two methods is to process the selected object, and the other is to process the entire output. Please pay attention to the difference when using.

The video is unclear and blurry

Sometimes the video of the virtual camera is not clearly displayed in other programs, or even a little blurry.

First of all, as long as the video is displayed clearly in our program, its output must be clear, because our program is what you see is what you get.

If the display is not clear in other programs, the general situation is that the program uses a lower camera resolution (for example, it may be 320 x 240 ), or you have zoomed and cropped the video of the virtual camera, etc. handle. For example, the computer version of QQ will use the resolution of 320 x 240 , while WeChat will use 640 x 480 and do some cropping, which results in a clear video displayed in our program. The display in these programs is not clear enough, this is not our program can control, because these programs do not support high-definition video at all.

There is also the case that the default resolution of the virtual camera does not match the resolution required by the other party’s program, causing the other party to choose a lower resolution. In this case, you must first understand what resolution the other party’s program requires and then make the corresponding settings. deal.

WeCam can be forced to output only one resolution (“This size only” in the output panel). Through this option, you can force other programs to only use the default resolution and video format set by WeCam, but it may also cause them to fail to use the WeCam camera. Please pay attention when using it.

In most cases, using 640 x 480 as the default resolution of the virtual camera is more compatible and can display more video content while maintaining good video quality.

In general, our program is just a camera that can modify the default resolution, and it cannot control how other programs display its video. If the display is incomplete or fuzzy, it is basically caused by other programs. What we can do is to modify the default resolution to fit them as much as possible.