Replace the video of Webcams

Camera Replacement means modifying the content of the specified camera and replace it with the content of the video we want to play.

Software with virtual video function (such as VCam or WeCam) can simulate a webcam in the computer and use pictures or videos as the content of the camera for use in other programs. In theory, all programs that use the camera can use our virtual camera, but some programs only support physical cameras, do not support virtual cameras, or deliberately shield the virtual camera through various methods, resulting in the virtual video cannot be used.

WeCam camera replacement feature can solve this problem.

Video tutorial of camera replacement
Note: This tutorial only uses AMCap camera tool to view camera video, the specific camera replacement function has nothing to do with it.

Camera replacement

In the WeCam software, you can directly replace the content of other cameras with pictures or video content played in WeCam at OUTPUT > Camera Replacement.

This function is disabled by default. To use it, first click the [Enable] button to install the relevant driver files.

When enabling, please close all the software that is using the camera, otherwise it will take effect after restarting the computer.
For Windows 7, patch KB3033929 must be installed to avoid driver signature related issues.

After enabling, the camera list will display the cameras available in the system, and then select the target to be replaced.

If the camera list is empty after enabling, and the hardware camera driver in the Device Manager of the system displays yellow exclamation mark, the right-click property displays something like “Windows cannot verify the digital signature of the driver required by this device. Recent hardware or software changes are installed. The file may be incorrectly signed or damaged, or it may be malware from an unknown source.(Code 52)“. This is related to the driver signature. When using Win7, please use the native Windows system and install the patch KB3033929. If it doesn’t work, you can try to close the operating system’s driver forcing signatures. For details on how to turn off, please search for “disable mandatory signature of the driver” according to your system, and then follow the relevant tutorial to disable and try again.

Here you can also mirror, flip, and set the video scaling method (if the output video size of the camera is inconsistent with the WeCam’s current video size, it will be scaled in this way), and you can also pause the video output to this camera.

When the replaced camera is used by other programs, the current output format and video size of the camera will be displayed below. Set the video size of WeCam to this size to avoid video scaling and obtain the best video quality.

When this function is no longer needed, you can click the [Disable] button to uninstall the related driver. If the camera is being used by other programs, you may need to restart the computer for it to take effect.
Reminder This function is only designed for special needs and has certain risks. Please do not open it if it’s not necessary to avoid unnecessary impact on the system.