Use WeCam in WhatsApp

You can use the WeCam camera in various software that uses the camera, such as the computer version of WhatsApp.

Note: Although this article is a WeCam tutorial, it is also applicable to VCam.

Use WeCam camera in WhatsApp

According to the official instructions, to use the desktop version of WhatsApp for video chat, your system needs to be Windows 10 64-bit 1903 and above.

As shown in the figure below, after WhatsApp starts the video, click the … button to select the WeCam camera:

After the selection is made, the other party can see the video of the WeCam camera.

But no matter how the resolution of WeCam is set, how to adjust the video position, when using the WhatsApp computer terminal and mobile terminal video, the mobile terminal cannot display the full screen (unless the phone is viewed horizontally), and can only be displayed in the middle of the screen (as shown above). To display the full screen, it can only be achieved through the Android emulator.

Let the other party hear the sound of the video

You can also select the microphone by clicking the … button in the figure above:

Full screen display on mobile phone

You can install and run WhatsApp in the Android emulator and combine it with WeCam. This tutorial uses Mobile Simulator Master , the emulator resolution is set to 720 x 1280 portrait mode. The following is the configuration of WeCam:

The following is the effect when making a video call through the WhatsApp application in the emulator and the mobile WhatsApp application:

As you can see, the video can be displayed perfectly on the screen.

Partialcolor problem

I don’t know if it’s the problem of the simulator or the app. Sometimes the color of the video will be cast (specifically, red and blue are interchanged). This is not a problem with our camera.
In the latest version of WeCam (>=, select the last “Switch Color” in Special Effects\Video Special Effects, and the color will be cast in WeCam first, so that the negative and negative in the simulator are positive, and the color It’s normal.