Need a Virtual Webcam For Video Calls?

Using a virtual webcam for video calls and other live video tools can help you increase communication effectiveness for your business and personal life.

More than webcams and online chats, video calls are about effective communication. Through video calls, the entire world becomes accessible, which is a game-changer for businesses and personal brands. Unfortunately, a webcam and a microphone don’t guarantee your success. With a virtual webcam for video calls, communicating becomes easier and, dare we say, fun.

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What is a virtual webcam?

A virtual webcam is a software application that allows users to use their computers’ resources during a video call instead of using a live webcam. In other words, users can place images, videos, and other sources as their primary output during a video call.

For instance, let’s say we have a business video conference to present our latest project, but we don’t have a webcam or don’t want to be on camera. How can we show the attendees our slide deck presentation, report, and all other resources? That’s it, a virtual webcam.

Which virtual webcam to get for your video calls?

When it comes to getting a virtual webcam for video calls, the key is to look for more. More features. More tools. More quality.

Your video calls can be much more effective when you have virtual webcam software with live video tools that help you use resources and engage your audience. The good news is WeCam fits the profile, and you can use it for free!

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Whether your video call is on Skype, GoToMeeting, or any other video calling platform, WeCam can be connected as a virtual webcam. During your video calls, you will get access to:

  • Picture-in-picture windows
  • Multiple scenes and video sources
  • Screen sharing options
  • Digital objects and effects

And much more.

With some of the subscription plans, you can also use the Chroma Key feature to replace your background with images and videos.

How can you use a virtual webcam on video calls?

One of the most common uses of virtual webcams is when the video call participant doesn’t have a real webcam. The user connects the virtual webcam and uses resources that don’t rely on a camera during the video call, such as slide deck presentations, images, and videos.

Here is the thing that many people overlook. Even if you have a webcam, you can still make your video call much better by adding virtual webcam tools to it. On WeCam, you could choose your webcam as one of your video sources and your PowerPoint presentation as another. Then, you could split the screen into a larger and a smaller picture to deliver a professional presentation.

WeCam also works as a webcam software with features that allow you to enhance the quality of your video. You can control the video settings, add more brightness and contrast, as well as zoom in and out, or adjust colors.

Why do you need a virtual webcam for your video calls?

Video calls play a huge role in communication, especially for business professionals. Whether you are a one-person band or part of a large organization, communicating effectively is paramount.

Better than phone calls, reaching out to customers and colleagues on video adds another layer to the communication and helps increase focus. Human beings tend to be visually oriented, which means the added visual stimulus can be a significant factor in getting your message across.

If you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, using a virtual webcam for your video calls might be the best solution to still take advantage of video without exposing yourself. You can use images, videos, and share your computer screen instead.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable on camera, the benefits of using a virtual webcam for video calls are still compelling.

  • Increase audience engagement
  • Add visual cues to improve focus
  • Illustrate the topics you mention to reinforce concepts
  • Record your video call

Plus, you can also replace your background according to the tone of the video call. If it’s a fun and friendly call, you can add funny videos as background, as well as images and animated GIFs. For professional video calls, your background can be an image of an office.

The main advantage of using a virtual webcam for video calls is simple, expand your creative potential. While using only a regular webcam might limit you, adding a virtual webcam as WeCam gives you access to amazing live video tools.

Key Takeaway

Using a virtual webcam for video calls helps you communicate effectively while increasing the quality of your video calls. The access to live video tools during a video call can have a massive impact on your results, and you don’t even need a webcam.

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