Broadcasting with iVCam

The mobile phone camera is getting better and better, and the quality is much better than most PC webcams now. Using iVCam to turn the mobile phone camera into a PC webcam for broadcasting can significantly improve your live streaming experience.


After installing the iVCam PC client, there will be a new webcam named “e2eSoft iVCam” added into your system. When connected with iVCam APP, the video captured by your phone camera will become the output of this webcam. Then you can use this webcam to broadcast the video of your mobile phone camera.

iVCam webcam supports two video formats – RGB24 and YUY2. Some software will have a little color cast when using one of these two formats. You can try using another one to see whether this can be improved.


In addition to transferring the video of your mobile phone camera to PC, iVCam can also transfer the sound recorded by your mobile phone’s microphone, so you can use it as PC microphone to broadcast your voice when broadcasting on PC.
Switch on Settings > Audio Enabled in iVCam app to transfer the audio recorded by your phone’s microphone while the video is being transferred to PC.

There are two ways to broadcast the sound from mobile phone – using the “Stereo Mix” feature of your PC sound card or using our Virtual Sound Card software.

Use “Stereo Mix”

You can use Stereo Mix to broadcast the sound from iVCam directly if your sound card supports it:
In the iVCam PC client, open Settings > Play Audio to menu and select your sound card as the default audio playback device of iVCam, then select your sound card’s stereo mixing device as the default recording device in broadcasting software. You can Google to learn how to enable Stereo Mix, for example, check here.

Use Virtual Sound Card software

If your computer does not have a sound card or the sound card does not support Stereo Mix, or there’s a noise when using it, you can use our Virtual Sound Card software to broadcast the sound of iVCam to achieve the best results.

First, download and install the Virtual Sound Card software.

Then select “Speaker (e2eSoft VAudio)” as the default audio playback device in iVCam PC client software:

After the transmission starts, the sound of VSC microphone will be the sound of your phone’s microphone, which can be used by all applications that use a microphone, including a variety of broadcasting software.

Select “Microphone (e2eSoft VAudio)” as the default recording device in broadcasting software to broadcast the sound, if it doesn’t have such an option, you can also set VSC microphone as the default recording device in system sound settings (right click on it then select Set as Default Device). Then the broadcasting software will use VSC microphone as the recording device by default.

Download the Virtual Sound Card software and have a try right now!