iVCam Features Description

iVCam is designed to be simple yet powerful inside. Most of its features are clear, while some features are not. Here’re some feature descriptions and tips for it.

For free version restrictions and purchase related questions, please check here.

PC client software

Zoom in/out and Manual-Focus

You can use mouse wheel on video or press “CTRL +” / “CTRL –” to zoom in or out, and click on the video to change focus, just like using the mobile app.


You can use the following shortcut keys to perform common operations in iVCam:

^+ / ^- Zoom in/out video
^M Switch cameras
^D / F4 Open camera settings window
^P / Pause / F5 Pause/Resume video transmission
^S / F8 Take snapshot
^T / Click on with Ctrl pressed Time-lapse shooting
^R / F9 Start/stop video recording
Click on or with Shift pressed Do not play the prompt sound when the button is pressed
^B Show registration window
^W / ^TAB Borderless window
^Enter / double-click Enter full screen mode
Esc / double-click Return back from full screen mode
Command line parameters

The following parameters are supported when running iVCam.exe:

/debug Generate logs
/silent Silent mode – The window is hidden by default and no notification messages
/fullscreen Run in full screen mode

Explanation of some options in the settings dialog:

General > Video Size > This size only In addition to the selected video size such as 1280 x 720, iVCam also supports 640 x 480 and 320 x 240 by default, which supports a total of 3 output resolutions and provides better compatibility. Selecting this option allows iVCam to output only the video size, thereby forcing other programs to use this resolution only. You can try this if the iVCam video is in low quality in other applications.
General > Video Format Some applications have problems with the processing of different video color spaces, which is manifested by the color cast of the video. You can force iVCam to output only RGB or YUV format to see if there will be improvement.
General > Audio > Recording Device When recording a video, you can choose to record the sound from your mobile phone (the sound recording function should be enabled on the APP side), or the sound from the microphone of your PC.
General > Audio > Playback Device To which device the PC client should play the sound recorded by the mobile phone (if the sound recording function is enabled on the APP side).
Miscs > Hardware Decoding iVCam will enable hardware decoding by default, and CPU decoding will be used after failure. You can choose different hardware decoders here to see which one can be used, which has better effect and lower resoruce usage.
Generate Logs

If you have any problems using our PC client software, you can enable the log function and send the log file to us for investigation:

Check Settings > Miscs > Generate Logs, then close the application and run again.
After you finish your operations, open Settings > Miscs, and click the button after Generate Logs to open the log directory.

APP related

Connecting history

Long press the play/add button / in the main view to show the IP addresses list of all PCs the app has connected to, you can choose which one to be connected if you have more than one PC running iVCam PC client.

Manual-Focus, Auto-Focus and Auto-Exposure (AE / AF)

It works the same way as the “Camera” app.

Tap the screen to “manual-focus” – it will focus on the area you touch and adjust the exposure time, ISO and white balance once then lock these values. When it detects light-changes or subject-movements, it will “auto-focus” and adjust these values automatically (AE / AF / AWB).

Long-press the screen to enable “AE/AF LOCK” to lock these values, but will not detect changes in light or subject movement.

Tap the screen to “manual-focus” again in this case, or long-press the screen again to change to “AE/AF LOCK” mode, in which case tapping the screen will do nothing, and you can only long-press the screen again to unlock and change back to “auto-focus” mode.

Check Camera Setting to learn more about the setting of camera parameters.

Zoom in/out
You can zoom in/out the video just like using the “Camera” app.

Save battery power

iVCam app will close video and show black screen to save battery power after a while if there’s no user actions (transfer will still work). You can tap it to show the video again, but this time it will keep showing the video without closing it and showing black screen.

Using different MIC (iOS only)

iPhone has several microphones , and iVCam will use the default one (bottom) at first. When the button was tapped to change camera, iVCam will change MIC accordingly – front MIC for front camera, and back MIC for back camera.

Network signal

There’s a network signal icon on iVCam video. It means that your phone’s network is not good enough to transfer video if it’s not full, and the video frames will be dropped sometimes in this case to keep the video transferring in time.


You can re-search the iVCam PC to connect and transfer video by tapping the refresh button in the main view.

Bonjour service

iVCam uses Bonjour service to detect PC, but it will still work if there’s no Bonjour service installed on your PC – It will try to use UDP broadcast to find your PC. So, please ensure that at least one of them is available on your PC.